Welcome to the Harmony Body and Mind Healing Centre

At Harmony Body and Mind we create the opportunity for you to bring your mind/body into alignment with your soul and therefore create harmony in your life.

We believe if we sense harmony within, feel good and heal ourselves, then we heal the planet.

Owners Hermann and Marie Müller invite you to visit and experience the opportunity to restore your soul and be all that you can be. 

Hermann MullerPrivate Sessions with Hermann

Change your Body. Change your Life, with this powerful self-healing process, integrating BodyMind and Soul.

Hermann can assist you to relieve chronic pain and persistent health issues.

Release stress and trauma.

Enjoy healthy relationships.

Create abundance and prosperity.

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Marie MullerPrivate Sessions with Marie

Experience Trauma Release/Emotional Release bodywork, including therapy and spiritual healing.

Marie can assist you to tune in to your needs and bring energy and emotional balance back into being.

In these sessions you can clear cellular memory created by past mental and emotional attitudes, also clearing past traumas and removing physical stress in the body.

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Our Practitioners

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  • The Living Soul - Specials page +

    The Living Soul Residential Retreat. Make a Commitment to Your Soul. Followed by the Advanced Living Soul 'Towards the Light' Feeling tired, stressed, anxious? When was the last time you took time out for your Self? In this 8-day live-in program you will learn techniques to live a happy, joyful, Read More
  • UK Sacred Site tour 2014 +

      UK Sacred Site tour with Marie Müller, Hermann Müller, Kerry Henwood and the ARCs. Aug 31 - Sept 9 2014.  The Journey of the Rose. Join us for a truly unique experience.  Your Soul’s journey calls you to the most mystical and magical parts of England. This quest takes you Read More
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