The Living Soul

An Eight-day Residential Retreat to Experience Spiritual Empowerment

"To live as a Soul is the most fulfilling experience."

If you really want your life to be more enlightened and exciting, honour yourself by giving yourself this gift. These eight-days are FOR YOU.

Experience the ancient science of healing as it merges with life today. Join Hermann & Marie as they guide you with love & wisdom to a powerful and moving journey within.

During this residential retreat you will have the opportunity to:

  • Understand your Body-Mind and Personality using Ayurvedic Concepts
  • Experience the science of Ancient Wisdom and Energy manipulation
  • Participate in an intensive systematic processing of all Chakra function
  • Learn the seven Physical Energy Centres and the five Cosmic Chakras for greater Spiritual Attunement
  • Explore the technology of quietening the mind with Yantras and Mantras
  • Experience the science of transcending to higher meditative states
  • Cleanse your body and mind with two days of silence and one day of fasting
  • Experience individual bodywork or private sessions for clearing issues
  • Daily yoga and Relaxation with Static and Dynamic Asanas

Focus, nurture and open up to a full awareness of the beauty and true essence of your being Spiritual in a human body.

Become One with the Divine Essence within, by LIVING as a SOUL. The soul senses, feels and expresses its' experiences of life throughout every cell of your body.

This 8-day retreat is a powerful transforming event, in which energy shifts are experienced as attitudes and past limiting concepts are cleared from the Chakras, giving you greater choice and FREEDOM to express your true magnificence and beauty.

The transformational experiences of all those who have participated express the culmination of our work in personal and spiritual guidance. We feel a tremendous excitement building as each residential experience approaches.

Early bookings are essential to secure your place as numbers are limited. We suggest you come and stay an extra day or two.


Followed by the Advanced Living Soul - the 9 day Towards the Light  dates TBA


Full registration $2250
Early bird registration
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Come with a friend and receive a 15% discount each $1950*
Revisit The Living Soul - for previous attendees $1250

(Conditions apply. Please contact Harmony Body & Mind directly for details)*