A Spiritual Retreat for your Mind, Body and Soul!

A Spiritual Retreat for your Mind, Body and Soul!

Living Soul Rooms


Are you planning a weeklong vacation and want something different, something more than just pretty photographs and fleeting memories? How about a soulful journey that eases your mind and has lasting benefits?

If you have the desire for ‘a more meaningful retreat experience’, book a place for our weeklong residential retreat called ‘The Living Soul’ held during 30 Oct - 6 Nov 2014. Through this spiritual retreat, you will reap profound benefits for your mind, body and Soul. This 8-day residential is like a full-immersion course, where you can develop and deepen your capacity to find tranquility of mind and self-awareness. These skills, on regular practice, can affect every aspect of your life.

The goal of the Living Soul retreat is to help you get to the point where your meditation, Chakra function, Yantras and Mantras, Yoga, Fasting, are the actual retreat, and you withdraw from external pressures until the physical self is balanced. With us, you will learn to keep your mind at peace and more easily focused. As it is only then that we can experience true happiness.

During your time at the retreat, you can experience the science of Ancient Wisdom and Energy flow. We also organize individual bodywork or private sessions for clearing issues and enhancing your serenity. We make sure that you have the most fulfilling experience to reconnect with your authentic self.

The Living Soul is excellent for self love and reflection on your life. If you wish to pamper your self and be a part of this powerful transformational event, contact our healing centre directly on +61 7 5578 3811.

You can read more about The Living Soul Retreat here.