UK Sacred Site tour 2014


UK Sacred Site tour with Marie Müller, Hermann Müller, Kerry Henwood and the ARCs. Aug 31 - Sept 9 2014.  The Journey of the Rose. Join us for a truly unique experience.  Your Soul’s journey calls you to the most mystical and magical parts of England.

This quest takes you to the heart chakra of the planet as well as inside a major earth portal, Stonehenge.    Imagine being among a consciousness group of people aligned in their vision of a positive future for humanity and Mother Earth, and the grace of the Arcs as they and Michael speak through Kerry on the Michael leyline.

On the Journey of the Rose, we follow the ancient earth energy that flows through the land, the dragon path, known as the Michael and Mary lines. Quest with the Archangels, Merlin, Excalibur, King Arthur, Grail Knights, the Lady of the Lake and the Goddess. Lift the veils between worlds and experience the insights, personal transformations and great mysteries that only seeks true of heart have revealed to them.

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