Face to Face with FactsFace to Face with Facts
Hermann Müller

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Face to Face with Facts  - Personality Potential - by Hermann Muller

This is the ultimate guide to reading and understanding people’s faces.

Using famous personalities as examples, it will show you how to interpret faces and improve your understanding of those around you.

As an internationally renowned Face Reader and psychosomatic therapist, Hermann Müller has been teaching The Art of Reading Faces for many years. After thousands of heartwarming experiences with his clients, he has brought them together in this special teaching manual.

“Everything I need to know about myself or another is written in the face. It fascinates me to look at someone and realise that all I choose to know is facing me like an open book, willing to be read. Since I have learned to read faces, my life and understanding of others has changed dramatically. I am at home with myself and other people feel at home with me.” Hermann Müller

A fascinating way to better communication. The knowledge contained in this book will improve your quality of life.


Guidance From the Masters - SOLD OUT
Hermann Müller


The Hierarchy and the Rays for the Aquarian Age.

This exciting new book is dedicated to those who seek a closer union with that divine essence they may choose to call their Soul. Seek a closer relationship and understanindg for this is the only being on earth that belongs to you for all your life.

Topics include:

Live in Accordance with Your Soul's Purpose

Practise the Art of Loving Yourself

Understand Energy Flow and Responsibility

Study the Science of Cosmic Consciousness

Discover the Directives we are given for our Life.



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