Private sessions with Marie

Sessions available with Marie:

1. Trauma Release/Emotional Release bodywork - including therapy and spiritual healing. Bring energy and emotional balance back into your being. Clear cellular memory created by past mental and emotional attitudes, clear past traumas and release physical stress from your body.
(90 mins, $175)

2. NLP and massage - combination session - resolve inner conflict using massage to integrate and balance the subconscious with your Higher Soul potential. (90 mins, $175)

Marie is a highly qualified remedial and deep tissue massage therapist with over 30 years experience in practice. She specialises in releasing physical and emotional blockages and trauma on deep levels. She is well known for her compassion and understanding, and is adept at gently leading her clients further into their source with sensitive therapy, bodywork or meditation.

Using modalities developed from her training in Psychosomatic Therapy, Clinical Hypnosis (Master Practitioner), Timeline Therapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Marie can assist her clients to reprogram their subconscious, freeing them from destructive behaviour patterns and re-connecting them to their Soul.