Private sessions with Hermann

Types of consultations offered for your self healing progress:     

  1. A full Body-Mind Analysis with written reports and worksheets. (You may record your session if you wish). Case history and disclaimer forms to be completed by the client.
    (90 mins, $175)
  2. Lifestyle Consultation for analysis of your body mind condition in terms of (a) general health (b) relationships and mental and emotional issues or (c) Life Purpose Consultation.
    (90 mins, $175)
  3. Stress and Emotional Release Body Work with Centre Core energy balancing.
    (90 mins, $175)

In these sessions, you are supported in a patient, caring and safe atmosphere that allows the repressed and unacknowledged challenges of your life to surface to be released. Incredible changes can be experienced in a short time even when it has been held within you for years. Recommended practices and therapies to follow up will support your health and lifestyle with a positive outlook.

No medication or diets are recommended here. For this you must consult a registered medical practitioner or dietician.