I found the eight day Living Soul workshop to be a wonderful step in my personal development. I now feel empowered with the tools necessary for me to continue on my path with greater awareness, strength and focus. Marie and Hermann’s love and skill in facilitating this workshop is amazing.


The Living Soul week was my rebirth... I received unconditional love and acceptance and the knowledge I needed to survive in the outside world.  I received the skills to free my body mind of the excess baggage of negative reactions and emotions and attain a higher level of consciousness.

I would like to emphasis the love and acceptance, the safety and security I felt and therefore the joy and happiness and  the confidence I feel now to go forward and fulfil my life’s purpose. Thank you, thank you, Marie and Hermann. All my love.

Margaret, Queensland

Marie and Hermann's work here at this wonderful centre has helped me on my journey to be 'A Living Soul', to find inner peace, to connect, to understand, to learn. There is so much love, beauty, healing and professionalism - I can truly recommend it.

Ellen, Brisbane